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Chef Kevin  is a lifesaver! With my busy schedule, I am never able to plan healthy, good-tasting meals. When I come home, my meals are all ready - giving me more time for myself.  I never thought using a personal chef service would be so easy and affordable.
Carolyn - Fairfax, VA

I love my wife, don't get me wrong - but she can't cook! Chef Kevin  saved my marriage.  We save time, money and frustration and can enjoy dinner as a family for the first time in years!
James - Manassas, VA

I thought personal chefs were only for the rich and famous. A friend of mine gave me a Gift certificate for Chef Kevin's services.  I was so happy, I have been using him ever since.  He has become a pseudo member of our family.
Maureen - Fair Lakes, VA

Boy was I in the dog house! Chef Kevin  prepared a romantic dinner for two and poof, I am no longer sleeping on the couch.  His desserts are incredible, if you have a chance - ask for the chocolate lava cakes!
Jon - Reston, VA

Kevin M. McGuire, Personal Chef
Phone: 703-868-6464
E-mail: chefkevin@chefkevin.com
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