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Menu Design Service

How it Works
After completing a profile questionnaire and consulting with Chef Kevin, a menu will be created for you and/or your family on a weekly basis. You will be provided with a meal plan, set of recipes, and a comprehensive master shopping list, delivered for your convenience via email or fax. Should you choose to prepare your meals at one time and freeze them for future use, reheating instructions are available.

Why Sign Up?
Imagine a trip to the grocery store with a list to ensure that every ingredient will be on-hand to prepare your meals for the week. Never again will you be boiling water only to realize that there aren't any noodles in the pantry! Our step-by-step recipes are easy to follow, quick to make, and delicious to eat!

Think back to the last cookbook you purchased. How many recipes have you tried? Would you have tried more if they only included the foods that you enjoy? Unlike a cookbook, when you use Chef Kevin's Menu Design Service, all of the recipes are designed to your specifications.

Who is a Candidate?
Our service is great for any family tired of eating the same meals time and time again, or people with specific dietary needs due to allergies, medical issues, or simply a preferred lifestyle. Our gift packages are a great present for recent college graduates, new parents, newlyweds, as well as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or for any other special occasion.

Chef Kevin prepares menus based on seasonal ingredients, thus we offer four 3-month packages: summer, fall, winter, and spring. You may sign up for one, two, three, or four seasons, and will prorate the fees for a mid-season start. You may choose to receive a package of 3 ($25) or 4($30) menus per week. 

For more information and a free consultation please contact:
Kevin M. McGuire
- Personal Chef
Call: 703-868-6464 or
E-mail: chefkevin@chefkevin.com

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